it is all about letting go


Creating art is a journey. With each brush stroke or cross hatch there is always something to learn and experience. For my self these journey’s have often been a reflection of life and not only taught me more about creating art but also life it’s self.

One major lesson that I often find my self working on is just simply letting go and enjoy the process. So often I find my self over analyzing a piece and everything comes to a screeching halt. I just can’t finish, I’m lucky if I can get started. I remember every little comment and harsh criticism about past works and freeze up terrified that the same flaws from before are in the current work.

But; I am learning every day and I remind my self to just let go, move on and do something. When I finally do I am often pleasantly surprised at the out come. You see the truth is nothing is ever perfect and if you pick at anything you can find flaws like a drill sergeant looking for that speck of dust. If you allow those imperfections to stop you, nothing gets done. You have to let go and enjoy the process. Sometimes you get a mess sometimes you get a master piece and after all beauty is still in the eyes of the beholder; the last I checked.

Perfect your self but be Ok with the fact that no one can be perfect.

Funny though how much every minute of life is just like this. If you think to hard and long about any task in life it never gets done. Success comes from enjoying the journey, make a decisive decision and move on. More often then not you will make the right decision and the times you don’t; chalk it up to a good lesson hold your head up and march on. The next great master piece is right around the corner you will never get to it if you just sit there thinking about it.


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