Anyone is an Artist?!

These professions all require a lot of dedicated practice and learning.




Of these only one is commonly referred to as everyone is a blank.
An artist can dedicate many many hours of their lives, blood, sweat and tears to their craft. They either go to school or get it by emulating and studying other artist on their own. Either way it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. 90% hard work and 10% talent.
When an artist hears “everyone is an artist” or “anyone can be an artist” and it bugs them to hear that, they are called an elitist. I doubt if you swap artist for most other professions in these statements it would make sense to many people.
Everyone is a doctor? Everyone is a nurse? Everyone is an accountant? Everyone is a plumber?
Nope I never hear that and I am glad for it.
Just a thought for people to chew on.

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