Gun Laws Based on a Tradition of Responsibility

I would love to see gun laws that speak to the wisdom I was taught about gun ownership growing up and in the army.
Owning a gun is a responsibility. A gun is for killing and if you choose to own one, you take that responsibly. If you can not handle that, then you fore fit your right to hold and own one. RESPONSIBILITY.
hunting-togetherUnlike other inventions,  guns serve the intended purpose of killing. You pick a gun up knowing – that is the intended purpose for a gun. If you use it for target practice you still know, it was invented to kill and target practice is secondary to that. A gun is not a toy.
A car is built to drive, not to kill. A rake is built to rake, not kill. That is the difference, and yet we make people get drivers’ licenses and revoke them when needed. When car manufactures and rake manufactures try to improve the design, they never think this has to be able to kill more efficiently. Improved stopping power for a car is different than improved stopping power for a gun.
If you hand a gun to someone else, and they cause harm it is your responsibility. You are responsible for ensuring that a person you hand a gun to is not a loose cannon and is educated in gun safety. RESPONSIBILITY.
This rule should be applied to gun dealers and manufacture and citizen gun owners.
If you want to hand a gun over to someone you don’t know personally, and be able to be a responsible gun owner, then you should support background checks in order to facilitate that. It would be fair for the law to say, as long as you did this, then you are no longer responsible. If you sell a gun illegally, then you are held responsible and you will lose your right to have guns – and serve time. Again RESPONSIBILITY.
Other laws should follow.
If you threaten anyone with violence or make it publicly known that you want to harm anyone, then your right to own a gun should be revoked, and any guns you have should be taken. This could be contested in a court room and decided by a jury of your peers, in order to prevent people being wrongly accused of such things. Yes, this would be an exception to being innocent until proven guilty, because the danger can be immediate and needs to be prevented and no one is being jailed or fined. It won’t kill anyone wrongly accused to be without their gun for a time, until they can prove otherwise. Believe it or not, a person can go many months with out holding a gun in their hand and be just fine. A gun is not a necessity for survival in modern society.
If someone is injured or killed by a gun in your possession, you forfeit your right to having a gun. It does not matter if it was an accident. At that point you have proven yourself incapable of handling the responsibility. There should be no accidents when it comes to guns.
If you shoot yourself accidentally and live through it the same should apply. At that point you have proven yourself incapable of handling the responsibility.
Let us face it. “I did not know it was loaded” is an admission to not being able to handle the responsibility of having a gun.
If a gun you own is found left unsecured, the above should be enforced. At that point you have proven yourself incapable of handling the responsibility.
In short, I would raise the standard of who can have a gun. Any responsible citizen who truly wants to own a gun should be able to meet this standard. Any of the above mentioned points are enforced in the military and many soldiers prove to be capable of meeting this standard. The public should feel a sense that anyone carrying a gun can meet some standard of ability. Any responsible adult in a family of gun owners preaches these very things to their children.
The ownership of firearms should require safety classes and licensing. This is no different than driving a car, and millions of Americans do this very thing to be able to drive a car. This is not a difficult burden for someone who is able to handle a gun responsibly.
Yes, background checks should be needed to purchase a gun or a very large quantity of ammunition. You go to the store, you show them your gun license, they do a background check and if all is good then they sell you a gun. No one needs to buy a gun in an emergency, OMG I need a gun now. That is probably a sign that you should not be sold a gun if you think you need a gun now.
And to those of you that think you need a gun to defend yourself from the government if it became a police state, get a grip. There is no manner of guns and ammo you can own that will protect you from government forces if it ever came to that. Such forces would have highly trained solders with the backing of an arsenal that is big enough to wage war on multiple First World countries at one time. The drones alone make your Rambo dream stupid and lame. If you want to protect yourself from a police state then help ensure that our country is run democratically. If we fail at that, then I suggest you grab your legally bought gun and go run and hide someplace far away, for we are all probably screwed and you being killed by a drone or twenty armed professional soldiers won’t change that.
To those that say they need a gun for self defense. Firstly, if you can not handle a licensing process, then you are more likely to shoot a friend or yourself when you are attacked. Secondly, you have no clue whether you have any ability to shoot an attacker. Police and soldiers train constantly to be able to perform that very task because it is extremely difficult. You are better off running for help, anyway. If you are so convinced that you can handle that, again passing the test should not be a problem.
To those that like hunting. I do, too. I would feel much safer hunting if I knew more people in the woods with me had better training. I would also feel better knowing that everyone else knows, shooting me because you thought I was a deer will land you in jail and you will lose your guns. Maybe people would stop shooting at everything that moves in the bushes.
To those who want to shoot cans or what ever target practice thing you got going. Seriously, you can take the class and get the background check. There is no ‘target practice emergency, I need to shoot round disks now’ events in life.
To those that think only criminals would have guns. No, actual trained, responsible citizens would have them too, and not just any nut job that walks into Wal-Mart. If we add on better law enforcement to stop illegal gun trade – that reduce illegal guns, and less people buying guns legally that can’t handle the responsibility would equal less guns being available for criminals to procure illegally.
It is all about reasonability and any gun owner should have the guts to meet the standard.

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