Boring Stuff, Guns, Murder, and Numbers!

This artist has a sort of sickness. I love looking at statistics and fact checking stuff. This is one of the reason much of my art is like this piece titled Static Repercussions. I thought I would share some my research on fire arms and violence. This is really just numbers. I won’t include my conclusions here.


BTW I generally compare countries that have cultural and political similarities. So no Syria and Iraq stuff. If you see I made a typo let me know, after all I am only human. Included are the places I found the data. Not all the places I double checked it, because that gets crazy.
Do some comparisons from other sources yourself too. I am sure you will find it as fun as I do.

Oddly enough, I tend to feel all fired up and inspired to make art after doing research.


33% of Americans own firearm.

41% of households report owning at least one firearm

85% of Americans support back ground checks on all gun sales including private and gun show sales.

(Pew Research poll in July)

77% of Americans think better access to mental health treatment and screening would do a lot or some to reduce gun violence. (CBS/Times Poll in December)

Homicide rates 2013 Per Capita (per 100,000)

USA  5

Germany 1

Austria 1

Spain 1

Switzerland 1

Denmark 1

Poland 1

Sweden 1

Norway 1

United Kingdom 1

Australia 1

France 1

Canada 1

Guns per 100 residents 2014

United States 88.8

Germany 30.3

Austria 30.4

Spain 10.4

Switzerland 45.7

Denmark 12

Poland  1.3

Sweden 31.8

Norway 31.3

United Kingdom 6.6

Australia 15

France 31.2

Canada 30.8



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