Artist Statement

Whether I am working on an abstract piece or one that leans more toward realism I strive to express emotion and life in that work. My styling is very much expressionistic with layers of opaque brushstrokes often counter balanced against washes. Viewers of my work often remark about being emotionally moved and about an intangible sense of life to the work. Ironically I have found over the years that the more I stray from life like the more life seems to exist in the art.


My interest in sciences such as biology and physics has been a large part of my inspiration. My style of painting has grown out of my fascination of how a large quantity of tiny seemingly chaotic parts can come together to form a beautiful seemingly organized whole. Often my abstract works are conceptualized because of something in the fields of science that I have read or listened to.


I am very interested in how even the simplest of form can tell some narrative. As long as I can remember I have always looked for a story in the images I see. Even if the story is simply of how a space interacts with form and texture. Even as I paint I think of the different elements of the images as actors in a scene and how they react to one another.


All of this comes together to give my work a great deal of emotional content and an interesting narrative. Nothing pleases me more than when someone tells me that one of my works moved them emotionally or when the viewer finds a story in the work that they can relate to. From my perspective the greatest gift that art gives is the sense of connection to others when shared.

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